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History of Bourbon in the USA

America is known for many great things, and when it comes to our liquor…you can say we’re experts. Grab your favorite bottle and let’s set the mood for a tipsy time-travel adventure through the history of Bourbon in the USA. We got all the tea (or should we say bourbon?) on how this liquid gold… Read more »

The Secret to a Happy Relationship

If you’re a lady and reading this, skip on over to another blog because this one here is for the fellas. Okay guys, now that we have you alone, we’re dropping some serious relationship knowledge and spill the beans on the secret to relationship happiness. Word on the street is that you need this. SPOILER… Read more »

Beer That Tastes Better on Tap

This may ruffle some feathers, but let’s be honest, beer just tastes better on tap. Before you get rowdy on us, we love the convenience of sipping our beers through a bottle while our favorite team plays, but there is something about the taste of our favorite brew on tap that makes it worthwhile. Check… Read more »

The Difference Between the Types of Derringer Cuts

You already know you enjoy dipping, but do you understand the difference between each cut that we offer? Here’s a breakdown for you. Fine Cut This cut of loose tobacco is for the OG’s or the most experienced. Dating back all the way to the 15th century, fine cut is the original smokeless tobacco. The… Read more »

Best Bar Games

When you take a trip to the bar, of course you’re there for the drinks, but the real star of the night is the endless games you can play with your friends. Get the drinks pouring and start a game! You’ll for sure have the best night yet with your pals. Check out what we… Read more »

If You Want a Job Done Right, You Gotta Do it Yourself

If you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself. We know, we know. You’re probably thinking, “Why can’t simple instruction be done the way I want it? Unfortunately, people are just not as smart, creative, and handy as you are. They don’t have the same skills as you, no matter if they… Read more »

Why Being a Man is the Best

Being a man ain’t the easiest, but we sure think it is the best. Many people *cough, cough* may think otherwise, but we have the facts to prove it. Are these facts a little biased…maybe, but we will let you be the judge of that. If you have the privilege of being a man, then… Read more »

How to Have the Perfect Guys Night

It’s time to ditch the ladies and dedicate your night to your true crew. Who knows what you and the guys will get into, but we do know it will be full of laughs – and drinks. There are truly no real rules to having the best night out with the bros, but it is… Read more »

Most Useful Tools

If you’re a homeowner, you will find there are many tasks that need to be done around your home, and unfortunately, it’s not that easy (or affordable) to call Joe Shmo to get the job done. Sometimes you have to take the job into your own hands to get it done right. With a little… Read more »

Craft Beer and Food Pairings

Yes, craft beer does include more than just IPAs. We would not consider ourselves beer snobs, but we are fans of having a good time and eating right. Check out this guide to the best type of food to go with your next craft beer. Light Lagers These light crisp beers pair well with a… Read more »