Author: Derringer Smokeless

4th of July Food and Drink

One of our favorite holidays is coming up and we are ready to throw a shindig everyone will remember. This isn’t a day to count your calories. Celebrate with your friends, and we’ll get this party started. Sport your red, white and blue, and get the grocery list out, because we have what you need… Read more »

Outdoor Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Do you smell that? It’s the smell of sweet competition. When the weather is nice and you’re ready for a good old fashioned backyard tournament day, anything can happen. These games are so straightforward that everyone has a chance to be a star. It’s all fun and games until grandma drops those 3 pointers in… Read more »

Bucket List of Whiskey to Try

In need of a dram? Well, you’ve come the right place. The cool thing about whiskey is you don’t always have to spend a large sum of money to get a really good drink.  You may have to hunt for some of our suggestions, but that will only make your first sip that much better…. Read more »

Inspire Others By Being Fearless

You are a natural born leader. Take the reigns and show everyone what kind of tricks you’ve got up your sleeve. John Maxwell once said “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Does this speak to you? Check out more ways you can inspire the people around… Read more »

Easy Holiday Decorations

Decorating for the holidays is just another thing to look forward to during this season! There simply are never enough decorations, but they do not need to be elaborate or fancy. Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make everything come together! Try adding some of these festive items around the house to spark up some… Read more »

Thanksgiving Dishes Ranked

 A day dedicated to cooking good food is a day worth celebrating! Although, each dish holds a special place in our hearts. We don’t think all Thanksgiving dishes are created equal. There are a couple of thanksgiving foods that are more traditional than delicious.  Our rankings show that the classic turkey, cranberry sauce, and collard… Read more »

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

We all know the feeling when certain holidays just sneak up on us. Lucky for you this one isn’t a forgotten anniversary! Halloween costumes can take a lot of timing and planning to get perfect. If you don’t have time for that this year here’s a list of some great quick options! Pizza delivery A… Read more »

Why Dogs are the Best

Man’s best friend didn’t get that nickname for no reason! Our furry friends always find a way into our hearts and become apart of the family. Not that you need a list telling you all the reasons dogs deserve our love, but we are always down to gush about our pups! They are always happy… Read more »

60s Playlist

The 1960’s gave us some of the most iconic songs and artist ever known. This time in music was about coming together and living in the moment. These jams will bring a smile to your face while you effortlessly remember all the lyrics! Check out our list of our favorite 60’s songs. Don’t be afraid… Read more »

Bingeworthy TV Shows

We all know the feeling after a long day and you want nothing more than to just sit and watch hours and hours of a good show. With binge-watching becoming the new normal, the journey to find a new show seems to take longer than watching the actual show. To save you some time browsing… Read more »